From One Big Idea to $1B in the Bank: BankMobile & T-Mobile Money

BankMobile’s mission is to build digital banks and banking products that people love to use.

As a digital banking startup, BankMobile had a big idea with an even bigger spotlight: create a Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform and partner with well-known brands to bring in more customers at lower costs than traditional banks. The first partner onboard was telecom giant T-Mobile. The team set a goal to build the BaaS platform, launch the T-Mobile Money product, and help position BankMobile to go public – all in 18 months.

Sprightbulb’s Solution

Pre-launch, Sprightbulb analyzed the competitive landscape and led integration efforts with the bank and T-mobile to create a unique customer experience focused on perks and speed of sign-ups. Post-launch, the team updated the platform to provide the same experience to Sprint customers merging to T-Mobile and adjusted the product to deliver the features customers valued most.


Once live, T-Mobile Money brought in over 300K new accounts and over $1B in deposits. The BaaS product and platform drove the acquisition of BankMobile, now BMTX, with a public valuation of $140M. New partners – including Google – are lining up to build digital bank products on the platform.

Lightbulb Moments

Aligning teams to concept-level design creates streamlined product development.

Splitting development teams into vertical feature-based teams increases velocity.

CX starts from the ground-up. Incorporating competitive and customer analysis from day one drives customer adoption.

Experimentation – like measuring hypotheses for new features against goal metrics – increases innovation in product development teams.


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