Sprightbulb helps clients using Agile-first approaches for product management and organizational transformation. We focus on outcomes. As a result, our consultants deliver high impact results. Click through our services below to find out how Sprightbulb can help you.

Product Management

Business value and customer happiness go hand-in-hand. To achieve both, Sprightbulb helps organizations define vision, build roadmaps, and identify minimum viable products that achieve value and delight customers. Our approach involves creating business hypotheses that focus on return on investment, testing those hypotheses, learning from them, and then repeating the cycle continuously.

Program Management

We bring excellence, discipline, and Agile-based outcome-oriented approaches to programs that require oversight, compliance and management support. Our consultants provide subject matter expertise to improve PMO performance and ensure execution of implementations roadmaps.

Org Transformation

Sprightbulb helps organizations understand the nature and magnitude of organizational challenges before them, crafts a vision for their best future, develops an approach for achieving that future, and then helps them get there. This transformation involves a blend of approaches that draw from Agile, change management, project management and organizational design. We understand how organizations and ideas connect. We bring teams and people from across the business together to achieve results and accomplish lasting business impact.

Agile Coaching

Increased business value through agility requires commitment to continuous improvement at the enterprise, program and team levels. Our coaches take a non-prescriptive, agnostic approach to create strategies for improvement that are reasonable and attainable. We measure impact from day one to ensure alignment with client expectations, and feedback is tied to outcomes.

Team Alignment

Clarity of purpose drives teams to greater success. Sprightbulb’s Team Alignment approach ensures teams have that purpose, and know their role in achieving organizational objectives. We help teams craft Vision and Mission statements, define metrics, define how best to work together as a team, and understand their place within the larger organization.


Moments matter. Sprightbulb’s facilitation approach involves creating powerful moments delivered in the form of fun, engaging meetings and events. We create these moments through careful planning and event execution; we identify objectives, define needed content and data, design meeting structure and techniques, and create a participant list comprised of the people who need to be there.  During the event, we actively engage participants with a variety of Agile-oriented facilitation techniques, adjusting course when momentum carries the group in a different and positive direction, and steering the group back on track when needed. In the days, weeks and months to follow, we assist in the execution of identified action items—a critical element for event success.