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Align your business and tech
teams so you can move
forward faster.


Product Management

We help clients build the right thing and build it the right way. We constantly ask ‘why’ to break down complex business challenges and opportunities and then build them back up as customer-oriented solutions.

Program Management

We bring excellence, discipline and outcome-oriented approaches to programs that require oversight, compliance and management support.

Org Transformation

We help organizations envision their best future, develop an approach for achieving that future, and then manage the change to help them get there.

Agile Coaching

We help teams, programs and enterprises discover, embrace, implement and measure Agile practices.

Team Alignment

Sprightbulb helps teams get better by aligning team members, ensuring they understand their surroundings, and setting clear purpose tied to organizational goals.


We create and deliver powerful moments, meetings and events using Agile techniques and innovative approaches to learning.


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Balance Point Agility

Balance Point Agility provides organizations with a proven combination of Agile tools and practices designed to ignite innovation and delight customers.

Team Launch or Reboot

Sprightbulb helps new or existing teams form and perform through fun, facilitated working sessions designed to prepare them to perform on day 1 or day 1001.

Expectations Management Framework

Our lightweight performance management framework harnesses the combined power of clear expectations and agile-based feedback loops to ensure employees know what you expect, you know what they expect, and goals are tied to those expectations.

Agile Training

Sprightbulb offers Agile and Scrum fundamentals and customized training to their clients.


We align people and technology to get results. Our team delivers products and solutions using the Agile-first techniques we’ve used and refined managing technology programs for commercial organizations and government agencies. We specialize in getting business and IT speaking the same language, focusing on the same goals, and heading in the right direction.

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